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My Name is Michael Rice. I am a Systems Administrator/Engineer. I work for a medium sized company in central Texas. I work with a wide range of systems. Servers, phone systems, desktops, printers, laptops, and almost everything in between. Linux is my strongest OS platform, but I am known to know a thing or two about Windows, and FreeBSD too. I got interested in computers back in early 1990 and by 1992 I wanted to be a SysOp. The days of the SysOp are all but gone now, but as the link says

A person with equivalent functions on the Internet is typically called a “sysadmin”, short for system administrator.

So here I am years later doing what I wanted to do as a kid.
Dream job!!

The goal of my blog here is to document stuff I do; mostly so when I need it again I will know where to find it. I hope you find something useful here. If you would like me to post about a topic you are interested in or having trouble with please let me know, and I will be glad to try and help.

You can also find me online at Twitter, and at another blog of mine, or by email at michael ta michaelrice tod org

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